This is a call to action…  Educators in classrooms, labs, libraries, study rooms – research ways to integrate diversity, inclusion and equity with educational quality.Slides from Dr. Mullen's Presentation, May 10, 2011

  • Discover and observe inequities in student success.
  • Identify effective educational practices.
  • Build these practices within the local settings (closely partnering curricular and co-curricular experiences) and out into the departments, across disciplines, for sustained change for the better.

Questions to Guide UK Core Faculty Research Groups

  1. What are those effective practices that your academic discipline uses to engage students – and that you plan to include in your UK Core course?Ask-a-Librarian
  2. Are these practices embedded in both curricular and co-curricular activities (i.e., high-impact practices)?
  3. How are these most effective practices from your discipline tied to the UK Core area’s particular learning outcomes and how will your students’ progress in your UK Core course add to the UK Core program assessment?
  4. How can these most effective practices that you research for your UK Core course be integrated across your academic program and/or other degree programs that rely on the successful completion of your UK Core course for their majors

Now, let’s get started on your UKCore research project: START HERE Finger Pointing to Next Page

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