Resources – seminar

Seminar setting

Websites, Books and Journals on Service Learning
  • Eyler, J., and Giles, D.E. Where’s the Learning in Service-Learning? San Francisco: Joseey-Bass, 1999.
  • Hall I., and Hall D. Evaluation and Social Research: Introducing Small-Scale Practice. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.
  • Hesser, G. “Examining Communities and Urban Change: Service-Learning as Collaborative Research.” In J. Ostrow, G. Hesser, and S. Enos (eds.), Cultivating the Sociological Imagination: Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Sociology. Washington, D.C.: American Association of Higher Education, 1999.
  • Marullo, S. and Edwards, B. “From Charity to Justice: The Potential of University-Community Collaboration for Social Change.” American Behavioral Scientist, 2000, 43, 895-912.
  • Newman, T., Curtis, K., and Stephens, J. “Do Community-based Arts Projects Result in Social Gains? A Review of the Literature.” Community Development Journal, 38(4), 310-322.
  • Stocking, V.B. and Cutforth, N. “Managing the Challenges of Teaching Community-based Research Courses: Insights from Two Instructors,” Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 13(1), 56-65.
Videos and Podcasts
  • Janice Ross: Dance in Prison,” 2009 Miriam and Peter E. Haas Centennial Professorship Lecture on Public Service and the University, Stanford University.
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