service learning

apple lessonExamples and Resources for High-Impact Practice: Service Learning
Click to open .pdf file of slides by Katherine McCormick, UK
This strategy centers on an intentional partnership with a community partner in which students have to apply what they are learning in real-world settings and reflect in a classroom setting on their service experiences. As a more intense type of community-based learning, this strategy also models the idea that giving something back to the community is an important learning outcome at the University-wide level, and that working with community partners is good preparation for citizenship, work and life. The complexity of this particular high-impact practice lies in the requirement of reciprocity: every individual, organization and entity involved in the service learning project functions as both a teacher and a learner. Participants are perceived as colleagues, not as servers and clients. The communications involved in the development of the project and in the dissemination of the service work results is also an important component – did the group make an opportunity for the community to enter into a public dialogue? Dr. Katherine McCormick, UK’s Endowed Professor in Service Learning, is a terrific resource as you build a service learning component into your course.

Click on the images below to explore different resources and ideas for your own course design strategies in service learning.

Large Classroom Settings Seminar Settings Small Group Settings
Greek Theatre Seminar setting Small study group
General Resources on Service Learning

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