Resources – large lecture

Greek TheatreWebsites, Books and Journals on Community-based Learning
  • Benson, L., and Harkavy, I. “Communal Participatory Action Research as a Strategy for Improving Universities and the Social Sciences: Penn’s Work with the West Philadelphia Improvement Corps as a Case Study.” Educational Policy, 1996, 10, 202-223.
  • Benson, L., Harkavy, I., and Puckett, J. “An Implementation Revolution as a Strategy for Fulfilling the Democratic Promise of University-Community Partnership: Penn-West Philadelphia as an Experiement in Progress.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 2000, 29(1), 24-45.
Videos and Podcasts
  • At the beginning of the fall term, ask your students to think how they plan to interact positively in the community around UK. For example, ask for volunteers to work together to create a digital story about their experiences with UK FUSION (see video clip here) and what they think this experience means within the context of their studies and academic career at UK. UK’s K-Week at the beginning of the fall term each year includes a community-based volunteer effort called FUSION. See more at
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