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GlobeExamples and Resources for High-Impact Practice: Diversity & Global Learning Activities

UKPR YouTube video of student interview after studying abroad in Egypt - click here to view video

James Chapman, UK senior, Jan 2011, on studying in Egypt

An education that concentrates on connections and interdependence can help students develop an awareness of our planet and be prepared to act as effective, responsible citizens in a complex world. UKCore instructors are global educators who facilitate the difficult task of analyzing a controversial contemporary issue, considering the merits of an argument and forming an opinion on the basis of critical analysis.

The University’s emphasis on study abroad is also a critical component to the broader goals of UKCore. Some of the best experiences our undergraduate students occurred during a course offered in an international setting. This component does not require everyone to organize an overseas component to their classes, however.

Keep in mind that this high impact practice can be as simple as using international examples in lectures for situated learning contexts. Expecting members of seminar discussions to value diversity can provide academic challenge for broader conceptualization strategies and allow for student originality and creativity.  Faculty concern over the volatility inherent in teaching a controversial issue will stifle this important component of the UKCore Design Principles. Reliance on well-designed uses of the inquiry method provides a framework for classroom activities that discourage one-sided arguments or ill-informed opinions.

Click on the images below to find more information and resources for your exploration of this high impact practice in your course design.

Large Classroom Settings Seminar Settings Small Group Settings
Greek Theatre Seminar setting Small study group
General Resources on Diversity & Global Learning Activities

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