Resources – large lecture

Greek TheatreWebsites, Books and Journals on Collaborative Learning
Videos and Podcasts
  • Eric Mazur, “HILT 47,” Harvard channel, YouTube, 23 May 2013.
    Mazur discusses his Hauser Grant project (Transforming education through computer vision analysis and automated assessment) where he plans to develop tools for automatically analyzing student behaviour, promoting richer interactions between students and teachers, and optimizing peer instruction in large lecture classes.
  • Curt Bonk, “Fostering Online Collaboration and Teaming,” (video, feedback and resources) Instructional Consulting, Indiana University Bloomington,
  • “Managing a Large Lecture Class Discussion,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University, last modified February 9, 2011,
  • “Team-Based Learning: Group Work that Works,” Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Texas at Austin, June 21, 2011,
Immersive Learning Experiences and Other Good Platforms for Collaborative Learning Strategies
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